Obesity and Disease

Will my consumption of sugar make a child addicted to sugar too? Will the foods I eat result in physical or mental disabilities? Can I prevent my child from having certain ailments simply by consuming the right foods? I know I shouldn’t blame myself if the kid does have issues even if I did eat okay (not awful, not great, but just alright), but a part of me feels that any children I did have with problems would be because I could have done something different in a pregnancy. My husband assures me it is the result of the Fall, not mine, but don’t I contribute to the Fall? Every day I choose to sin rather than surrender I’m buying into the deceit that has slithered by and offered false promises. I can’t help but think that obesity and/or disease in my kid would, in part, be my fault for what I chose to or chose not to eat in a pregnancy.

I have really got to stop worrying though. Worrying can’t add hours to my life and if anything it’ll make it harder to conceive or if I get pregnant, harder to carry to term. Pray this spirit of fear and anxiety will be released. Pray I’d use fear to become stronger, more faithful—to listen to God’s truth in times of trouble. To rest and listen, not wrestle and be stifled.

(Did you see the most recent Dr. Who episode by the way? Use fear to become a better, more able person! I know it isn’t a Christian show by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like correlating sci-fi with faith and seeing the interplay of the two. Also, I know that was completely side-tracked, but I just enjoyed the episode so much I wanted to mention it.)


2 Replies to “Obesity and Disease”

  1. You definitely should not blame yourself. That won’t help anyone and can just cause guilt for you. No matter what, I know you’re going to do you’re best for your kids.

    And on the subject of Doctor Who, you should definitely visit http://www.sarahbessey.com. She’s another of my favorite Christian bloggers and she loves Doctor Who and blogs about it. She wrote a whole post about the episode you’re talking about so definitely read that and get in that conversation! The comments are really interesting sometimes (I haven’t read this particular entry. I’m trying to skip her Doctor Who posts since I haven’t seen any of the new episodes yet.)

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