C6H12O6-A Body Cries

A sweet stuffed nation turns gluttonous bellies sour.

I gorge on treats, thinking I’ve found food’s treasure

but I might have made this trivial.

It is a cause for concern

when my sweat drips maple

and my dreams don’t soothe

because sleep abates the exhausted core

as my liver drowns in a fructose coma.

I regret my back sliding nature.  I need to stand firm in convictions, be it food or faith, regardless of the criticism I receive from others.  I know how I feel when engaged in devout practice and I need to press onward to a healthier me-spiritually, physically, and mentally.  Life is too short to live drenched in society’s fad.  I need to stand firm and do that which I claim I should and want to do.  It is only in doing so that I’ll be able to lead any future children by example.


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