Farewell my Friend

I’m sorry for not posting yesterday. I know it isn’t even the weekend. Last night a few friends and I took another friend out for his birthday and as a going away gift. He is moving to Oregon. I know I can still communicate with him through social media, but the dynamic of our friendship will change and that saddens me. He has been a great spiritual influence the past few months I’ve known him. During young adult group he posed thoughts which stimulated interested conversation. He was well versed in Scripture and brought a nice cultural perspective to the group since he wasn’t born or raised in the States. His weekly physical presence at the group will be missed.

Of course the farewell caused me to think about what would happen to any future children should Frank and I pass away. This thought has always plagued me. Who would you entrust your prodigy to should you disappear from the earth? There aren’t any two people on this planet who will raise your kid the way you and your spouse would like to. We all do things differently and have our own values. Yes many people call themselves Christians and are, but each one of us addresses that differently and relates to God in our individual way. The way we interact with God influences the way we raise our children. Who do I think is most like me in life experience, hobbies, and spiritual walk? I don’t want our kids to be hermits so that excludes some friends and family from our decision but that seems harsh. I don’t want our kids to be raging alcoholics or be around consistent financial duress or drug addiction (which is one reason for the financial duress) so that eliminates some family choices.

Who do we entrust our children to if we decide not to pick someone from the family? What stress would our child endure if we decided to give them to a friend rather than family in the event of our passing (stress because the family would freak out)? These are not easy decisions. These are not simple decisions.

It is a thing of prayer…to which I’m not even sure I’m equipped to pray about enough or efficiently (i.e. well, with ability to discern God’s voice).


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