Toil the Land

In pursuit of an American ideal,
too inconceivable to attain
a deceived mind hopes otherwise,
bearing a burden of a 60+ hour week
to achieve the paradise of mansions.
In the end they have a home filled with empty promises
and voided space.
They dwell inside the cubicle to pay for the square footage they couldn’t otherwise afford;
never understanding that if they only were content with less
they could have a home slightly larger than the desk space. They’d have a bigger purpose
rather than the endless maze of bills and hallway’s tile.

At the same time the kids run a muck
tears etching in the crevices of smirks
trying to manipulate
and gain an ounce of deserved affection.

A neglected lover pounds a key
hoping for connection
that could be had if only their lover’s briefcase was set aside
for a cup of tea, conversation, and cuddles.

Yes this is something humanity must do,
if we don’t work we shall not eat.
However, everything must be balanced.
Even gorging on labor
can swing us unbalanced
to leave us confused, spiteful, and fatigued.

How do we lead with example to show the proper balance between pushing a plow and play?

I hope you all had a Happy Labor day. Thank you to emergency personnel who don’t have the option of relaxing while the rest of us munch on burgers. We are grateful for you and the hard work you consistently put in.


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