The Digital Age

Gadgets are glued upon the insensitive ear.
A teenager phoned in, but remains deaf
to their wailing friend;
a friend whose cord is choking reality, purpose.

A man stalks the midnight hours
trolling for the lonely misfit
driven to keys of electronic promise.

There sits a nation gazing at blue screens
while the bonds around them fry to ashes,
refusing to be made beautiful if only they would silence that snare
and enter the vulnerable world.

The link to society which provides an instantaneous message
is the same that can plaster the mask
and carve out intention,
leaving the earth scattered with empty shells, but
absorbing selfish insecurities and passions as the screens keeps flipping.

I don’t want our children to watch TV until 2 years of age or older. I don’t want my pre-teen to own a mobile phone. How can I teach them simplicity in world gone complex with madness? The madness where people furiously type and refuse to gather in intimate conversation. The madness where individuals refuse to gaze at the lines of another face and watching time etch the age into flesh rather than preserving themselves in a web of lies and instant gratification? How do I tell family and friends this desire without appearing offensive?


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