Financial Peace

My grandmother’s frugality while she was living and her kind distribution of assets after her passing has helped Frank and I become debt free. We are a two income family that lives quite comfortably. Throughout the year we can afford to take trips across the US. At times, when work is slow for Frank, we can depend on my salary alone.

When we have kids I want to be a stay at home mom or work part time (20 hours or so).

NJ has an extremely high cost of living.

How can we maintain our debt-free lifestyle, enjoy the amenities we’ve grown accustomed to (travel and fine dining specifically, not so much in monetary things), have me be the secondary bread-winner rather than the primary/stay home more, and live in NJ without absurd housing costs?

I’ve never loved money but saw it merely as a means to an end, a tool. I don’t think it is evil. I don’t think it is good. It just is.

How will we instill these money values (not to be greedy but not to be careless) in our children? How will we manage/ juggle the items mentioned two paragraphs ago? How will I remain calm and not let the logistics of finances and how that will change when we have kids freak me out?

Prayers for financial peace and proper priorities needed if and when we do have kids. Thanks.


2 Replies to “Financial Peace”

  1. Definitely a lot to think about! It’s stressful sometimes to think about the future in monetary terms. I’ve read that we are the first generation that will make less money than our parents (on average). And I can see that being true. I mean, we do great financially, even with Chad working part-time, but it feels really hard to save for the future and retirement. (It’s so far off, but I know we’re supposed to be planning ahead now so we have time. It still seems like it will never be enough though). But Chad and I have had many conversations about the fact that sometimes our American wealth separates us from God. If we had to have a little more faith instead of relying on our savings and our own efforts, it would cause us to draw closer to God. We’ve always found that when we’ve struggled with money, somehow there’s always been enough and we can only explain that with God’s provision. And he’ll provide for you and your family too when the time comes for you to stay at home.

  2. Thanks Jamie. It’s so true. I can’t explain why I’ve always had enough but I have. I’ve told my parents that too and they say it is because they’ve helped us. (I like to remind them that somebody has had to help them and I believe that somebody is God.) My biggest concern is rent costs. I know God will take care of that too. I know families who live on a lot less than we do and get by. God is our provider. I have to remember that and sometimes he puts me into uncomfortable and unwanted positions to test that faith.

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