Sexuality and Children

This morning I watched a video about a man whose boyfriend died and the boyfriend’s family rejected the man. The boyfriend’s family actually beat their child. The family denied the man access to information about the death of his beloved. Legally he was not entitled to information from the hospital. The boyfriend’s family refused to share it with this man. It was a heart wrenching story.

I think acting on homosexuality is a sin. I also think premarital sex, adultery, incest, pornography, and transsexualism is a sin. I think hate groups targeted towards these marginal groups are sinful organizations. Any individual who abuses someone whose sexual preference or identity is not “normal” is sinning. Verbal abuse is included. Where then is the delicate line between holding a conviction that something is sinful without appearing bigoted or hateful? I would never intentionally assault an individual with whom I disagree with. Christ calls us to love each other. Where exactly is the boundary between license and legalism, love and truth, wrong and right?

I think homosexuals should be legally entitled to their loved one’s assets, hospital visiting privileges, and tax benefits. If not performed in a church, I’m actually okay with homosexuals being united. (If homosexuals don’t don’t identify themselves as believers I’m okay with their union…however this gets tricky when wanting someone to know Christ. I don’t think homosexuals go to hell simply for being homosexual. I do think that individuals who don’t follow Christ do. This is a very complicated and muddled concept I haven’t quite figured out how to rectify.)

How would I instruct a child to have a healthy view of their own sexuality? (I don’t intend to imply that sexual preferences or identities contrary to societal “norms” are unhealthy.) I want my child to understand that sex isn’t wrong. It is a beautiful thing. I don’t want our children ashamed of their bodies. However, I do want to impress that, like everything in life, a certain self-control needs to be exerted. What is that balance?

I fear the sex talk with our kids. I also know Frank will be highly uncomfortable doing it and discussing sex is not something I shy away from. I think it is important to discuss. I also wonder how I will discuss it with our children, letting them form their own thoughts and opinions, while teaching them about sin, truth, love, and the gospel.

Also, how would I even begin to address the issue of a hermaphrodite child? Frank and I have actually had this conversation before, though briefly.


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