Bucket List: 50

From yesterday’s post you know that part of my bucket list is to see all 50 States.

In my continuous searches for activities across the US and trip itineraries, I came across Alisa Abecassis’ website: http://exploreall50.com/

Here she posts information about the trips she has taken with her children. They are quite informative and have given me ideas as to what I’d like to see and do in states I haven’t seen yet.

To add to information about states, I’ll say that Connecticut can seem to have little to do in it. However, at a rest stop Frank and I were given a coupon to the PEZ factory. I was so grateful at that moment for my small bladder! We wouldn’t have known about the factory if we didn’t stop to use the restroom at that rest stop. It was a neat little factory that recorded the history of PEZ. You could also buy a bucket of PEZ for about 5 dollars. (I wasn’t as anti-sugar when we went there 2 years ago or so.) I highly recommend this place as it is a bit off the beaten path and well worth a tourist visit. It wasn’t even that crowded and it seems people don’t really know about it. Ms. Abecassis even mentions the PEZ visitor center on her website.

At some point I plan on compiling my trip across all 50 and will highlight some of my favorite locations and activities (or just the fact that we didn’t have much time so we stopped to eat—which is the way I’ll count a state (airport layovers are excluded and a cop-out for the true travel bug).)

I fear my children won’t like travel as much as me and will want to be introverted home bodies, a bit like their father. (However, I drag him places and he doesn’t resent me too much so hopefully our kids won’t either if I trot around the globe with them.)


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