The Impedence of Travel

I guess I’m on a trend to express all my fears of a future pregnancy.

Today’s topic: travel.

I’ve heard many individuals tell me that once you have kids you don’t go anywhere. You just don’t travel. It is more expensive and difficult to travel with children. I would agree to the cost portion of these individuals’ arguments. However, I remember visiting several sights as a kid. I had an amazing childhood. I can remember being a toddler and my parents dragging us on hikes. They pushed us and thought we could do it. I liked that. They didn’t let our pace stop them from enjoying life or doing activities, they just walked slower because we couldn’t go as fast. I didn’t have a perfect childhood and I can remember constant fighting between my parents, but they did create memorable experiences through our camping trips and museum excursions, even when we were small. Those trips were the times when we didn’t fight. We just relaxed and soaked up the education, adventure, and quality time. I fear I won’t do excursions like my parents, but listen to the people who would think me a bad mother if I was gallivanting around town with my tot.

I love travel. My bucket list is to visit every state and every continent, including Antarctica. I think this is possible even with a kid. It might be more difficult, but I’m willing to persevere and show my kids the world like my parents did. I don’t want sheltered children. They need to learn about other cultures and locations. Also, I think Frank and I will still visit places ourselves even after we do have kids. We’ll even go there without our kids—*gasp*.

I babysat for a woman in college who would take a two week trip once a year with her husband. She adored her son, but she admitted that she loved her husband just as much and needed that bonding time with him. They had a strong marriage from what I remember. (I haven’t kept in touch so I don’t know how they are doing now, but I think that balance of kid and couple time probably has kept them together.) I want alone time with Frank. I will need date nights with him. Sometimes that will include a weekend getaway without the kids. I don’t think that wanting time away from children and alone with your spouse means you are selfish or a bad parent. If anything, children will value the time with their parents more and appreciate their parent’s strong marital relationship. It instructs kids on how to put effort into romance.

So I fear our travel expeditions will be impeded, but then again I get anxious when at home for too long that I don’t think I’ll let it be impeded too much…here’s hoping. I’m not a parent yet so I don’t know…


One Reply to “The Impedence of Travel”

  1. That’s definitely something I think about when we are weighing out whether we should try for kids or not! I love traveling and was just saying last night to Chad that I’ve made it such an integral part of my identity that I feel like I’m failing if we don’t go on a big trip each year. But money and other lifestyle choices have to be considered too…

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