Breaking Bad…Habits that is.

I suffer from approval addiction. There is an inane desire in me to please everybody and anybody I meet.  This is impossible and probably why I spend most of my time worried, exhausted, and stressed.  

(Yeah, this is something I’m working on surrendering to God. I also do not think some sin struggles that aren’t instantaneous in their surrender nullifies my Christianity.  Some in the faith might disagree.  I’d request they assess areas that have been life long struggles that Christ might call sin.  I know approval addiction is a sin.  I will not deny that.  I tend to seek man’s approval over God’s.  It is a tiring endeavor.  I’d advise not delving into these murky waters of people pleasing if you can avoid it.)

Anyways, my inclination to seek approval also makes me a bit uptight when it comes to following rules.  I don’t try to intentionally break laws.  (Contrary to what a Netzari Jew might say of my Christian lifestyle.  Bitterness?  I probably should submit that to Christ too…)  Anyways, my apartment does not allow dogs.  I dislike this rule.  Frank and I are dog people.  Now I have a friend who wants to come over, but not without her dog (if you can even call it a dog…).  I’ve expressed that this isn’t possible.  So is it really that insane that I got upset when she and another friend told me they were coming over with the dog?  I called someone to vent to and he justified their desires, not mine.  Yes they weren’t spending the night with the dog and it would have only been a few hours, but breaking rules is a frustrating principle to me.  (Now sometimes rules are meant to be broken if there are rules which institute injustice or conflict with glorifying God and the greater rules of Scripture, but this is not one of those rules.)  

So why am I being told that I’m irrational when I’ve made the bylaws of the apartment complex known and they choose to ignore me?  

It seems that in trying to please on set of individuals you will always piss off another set…

Like I said, approval addiction really is futile and something that should be surrendered as quickly as possible.  I’m still trying to find a way not to care what others think.  That is at least one positive thing about being ill—I care less what offense is taken if I’ve made the rules known and they choose to think me ridiculous and insensitive.  Maybe that’s why I get sick so often—it aides in the process of breaking this nasty sin addiction called the pursuit of man’s approval…


2 Replies to “Breaking Bad…Habits that is.”

  1. I don’t think it is irrational to want people to follow the bylaws of the apartment. It is like going to another country, you would have to follow their laws as well.

  2. I don’t think you’re unreasonable about this. Maybe next time you can suggest meeting your friends somewhere instead of them coming over if they insist on bringing their dog?

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