A Backyard Party

So though I was hacking up my lungs yesterday I took a drive over to a dear friend’s house and partook in a lovely dinner party.

The white linen tablecloth was sprawled across the maple-colored tabletop, its legs bound in burlap as the piece sat nestled on the grassy patch in the yard.  Atop the linen sat candelabras with green candles, fresh flowers, shiny cutlery, and sparkling dinner plates.  Above the table, near the patio, were strings of lights.  A ladder to the right of the table had candles too.  On the patio sat a table with icy beverages and warm, soft, home-baked bread.  It was a cozy, inviting spread that made this weary heart cheerful.  

As guests poured in you could hear the excited chatter.  As the black of night thickened the candles were lit and their wax melted slowly with the fluctuating voices.  A fire was started by which to warm ourselves.  At some point I excused myself to the restroom.  As I returned I stopped by the window, peered out at my friends all gathered around the table, with the glow of the fire illuminating their faces, and smiled as I watched this merry fellowship.  

Sometimes when you don’t feel like doing anything but sitting at home and sulking about sickness it is best to meander to the comforting arms of friends and find the joy your heart needed, even if you grow more weary in the traveling.  God gave us community.  I’m so glad I’m a part of theirs.  I am truly blessed.   


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