The Cough

When you are an Army wife you spend a vast majority of your time trying to manage your home alone.  Your spouse is often away.  That is the case now.  I have a cold.  My home is in disarray.  My voice is ragged, the only instrument able to be used to communicate with my spouse thousands of miles away.  When you have to cope with illness as a single person, or sorrow, it is much harder.  Prayers for healing please as well as for my friend who is a single pregnant mom (i.e. pregnant and has a one year old already) who has to  do things on her own most of the time. Well, we shouldn’t have to should we?  The church should assist.  It does at times, but at others it seems like our own self-absorption gets in the way of being inconvenienced for a day in order to help someone out.  Pray for sickness to be eradicated and the sleepy slumber of the American church to have the crusted eyes pried open.  


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