A Sweet Spouse

While I was weighing out samples today I received a sweet gift. A woman from Edible Arrangements hand delivered a fruit bouquet to me. I wish I had access to a camera at work that would allow me to post what the arrangement looks like. There is nothing special happening this week, no anniversaries or birthdays. It was simply an act of love to say I’m thinking of you. Those are the best gifts aren’t they? Also, it is fruit so it is healthy sugar.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought of all the ways Frank quietly loves me. He does it every day in the simple acts—doing dishes, making dinner, watching a TV show I like that he doesn’t necessarily want to sit and see, taking me to watch a Shakespearean play, making kites with me, and well frankly (hehe, oh I made a pun like he often does) the list could go on and on. I was completely surprised by this generous display of affection.

If Frank is even half the kind father of possible children as he is a husband, he is going to make one amazing dad. There were glimpses of his affection when we were pregnant before the miscarriage. He would constantly research the development of the baby and inform me of its growth. He would wash my veggies and fruit so I would eat well. He would kiss my belly and tell Teddy Graham he loved him/her daily. When we lost the baby he would hold me as we wept together. Granted he was able to recover sooner than me, but he still cared. Frank still hurt and wasn’t afraid to let me know that he was sad from the loss as well. I know he’s going to make a wonderful dad and I only hope he’ll one day get the opportunity to raise a child.

(I think I found a photo from the website similar to the bouquet he got for me: gift from Frank 8112014 )

I love you Frank.


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