A Sweet Life

I’ve been dropping the ball on weekends and not posting.  Frank leaves for California on Wednesday.  He’ll be gone for 2.5 weeks.  I figured I’d rather spend the couple of days this past weekend with him rather than concerning myself with blogging.  I’m sure you understand.  Thank you.

Anyways, since Frank will be away, we went grocery shopping yesterday and tried to stock up on a few items.  In April, we started an eradication of sugar in our diet.  Now I am a chemist and understand that carbohydrates are sugars and that we need sugar in our diet.  It’s really all the additives and fructose we are trying to cut out.  We haven’t been perfect and shopping for August projects me falling off the band wagon slightly more since I’m a cook of convenience when I’m alone, but this endeavor has helped us significantly reduce the amount of sweets we consume.  As such, life has been much sweeter.

We, or at least I, don’t crave sweets as often.  I can have the self control to minimize the portions of sugary goods I do eat.  This life change has also helped us realize just how much sugar is being added to American’s diets.  Processed goods, including crackers, hummus, salad dressings, veggie chips, meats, and condiments, to name a few, have added sugar, some even including high fructose corn syrup.  In small quantities this isn’t an issue, but sugar is in almost every food product being sold in super markets.  Then our society wonders why we have rampant obesity and diabetic problems.  We’ve seen a surge in cancer related diseases since I was a kid.  I can’t help think that our nutrition is playing a key role in that.  Also, we are a nation that needs caffeine to help us wake up (I’m guilty of this too and I just like coffee).  Excess sugar leads to fluctuating insulin releases in your body’s system.  These fluctuating levels of energy will leave you exhausted.  Also, sugar is addictive.  The more sugar you eat the more you need so you don’t experience the decrease in insulin from not maintaining constant food consumption.  It is a vicious cycle.  Next time you are grocery shopping look at the labels and see just how much sugar is in the products you eat.  (Consider the amount of fruit you eat in a day too.)  See these photos for just a few sugary culprits (some expected, some not so much):
2014-08-03 12.02.33

2014-08-04 18.22.00

2014-08-03 12.00.52

We started this as a means to help our fertility.  It helped (granted we had a miscarriage, but we were able to conceive when doctors told us even that would be a feat).  Although it began as a journey to help fertility, it has morphed into an awareness of what we eat.  It has been an eye-opening experience and a wake up call to the sugar comas we were falling into.  We’ve risen from the trap.  We aren’t chained to processed foods and when we do eat prepared goods we make wiser choices in those goods.  Eradicating sugar also helps me sleep better (since eating sugar a little bit this weekend, I’ve been restless at night).  This process has helped us have better nutrition.  (Despite the negativity towards this diet from slightly overweight folks and people that think fat free foods are good (which they aren’t but that’s a whole other rant).)  I can honestly say that for my life, sugar reduction has given me a taste of a sweeter life.  


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