Being Pro-Choice

My supervisor made a valid point yesterday. If we claim we are pro-choice, there should not be long winded debates between pro-life folks and pro-choice individuals. The word choice means you don’t care what a woman chooses so you wouldn’t argue against someone who views an embryo as life and wants it to live. I know I’m getting caught up in semantics and people who don’t want laws against abortion aren’t necessarily for it, but I believe the word emphasis is important. To argue against a woman choosing life is futile if you really mean you respect others choices. I guess if we stick to the true definition of choice then, I am pro-choice—the choice to educate women about the effects of abortion, the other options available to them, sex education (discussed below), and help women choose life for their child in the end.

So often we scream intolerance when views don’t align with our opinion but true tolerance is accepting another viewpoint (even when extremely contrary to our ideals) and being able to discuss an issue calmly and like adults. (I did this the other night with a friend from church in fact. We disagree on feminism and what respect looks like, but we did so in a friendly manner unlike so many debates I’m used to. It was refreshing to say the least.) I can hold to my convictions and be tolerant. The word tolerance does not mean I have to eventually agree with the other person’s view, it simply means I’ll respect them as I disagree. I think it is important we understand this in our culture. Anyways, I digressed. Back to the reason I am writing this thread and off my rant of word usage/grammar, which could be an entire post in itself (oh poor adverbs, I feel for you and your neglected state…).

I, through much heart-wrenching prayer, debate, and counsel have concluded that while I’m vehemently opposed to the willful killing of babies, a federal law that imposes rules against abortion would be futile. We can make laws, people will still break them. Instead, education needs to be increased. Women need to be told they are valuable, capable, and intelligent. We need resources to help women make the choice not to get an abortion. We need to raise awareness about birth control and teach individuals how to use it properly. (I like abstinence and purity lessons taught to teens, but if I’m honest, a teen will engage in sex if they want it badly enough. We need to increase self-esteem and boldness among our youth. Although a no-sex-before- your-married stance is great to have, if we only teach teens abstinence and not about contraceptives or STDs, we might be worse off.) I am for sex education taught by parents to their children at a young age, like 5 (yes, really that young, you’d be surprised how much kids know at this age about the “birds and the bees” already). I don’t think federal laws prohibiting or allowing abortion will solve the issue. I am also an advocate for protecting the life of a baby.

When I miscarried at 5 weeks I was heartbroken. I had invested thought and energy into dreaming about a future with my child. To me, it was a life. A friend has also had a miscarriage and thinks an embryo is life as well. I was slightly confused then when she said she applied to 10 or so Planned Parenthood positions. Now, I know the organization does things like mammograms, sex education, contraceptive give-aways, and other well-meaning activities. However, I know that they willingly perform abortions. I can not support an organization that does this. That is why my heart seared when I heard about her applying to these jobs. She said it was simply a means to an end—it’d pay her bills.

It is about principle for me. I don’t know about you, but to me I’d never undertake a job that directly opposed my personal morals. There is always another job out there that will pay me. I shouldn’t risk my reputation or convictions to “get ahead” in life.

She said, “Well, I would still be friends with someone who got an abortion.” I would too. That does not mean though that I wouldn’t try to do everything in my power to assist them and help my friend contemplating an abortion find other viable options, even if it meant me budgeting frugally so I could help pay the medical expenses required with pregnancy. (That is if I could convince Frank to set aside funds for such an endeavor as well…)

I’m for the choice of life. I choose to not fund organizations, regardless of the other wonderful causes they perform, if the institution is against the grain of my morals, my convictions. Since my friend has a similar love for children, I would like her to choose a different job, one that would not find her one day possibly having to assist in an abortion. Pray for this friend’s employment, discernment in choices, and a surrendering of her heart to Jesus (she is not a follower— and I’m not saying this because of her choice to apply to that place).


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