The Miracle of Birth

I have a friend who recently found out she has placenta previa. It is a situation where the cervix is obstructed by the placenta. If it doesn’t move, she’ll have to have a C-section. She has had four natural pregnancies and two miscarriages so far. I deeply admire her even though I don’t know her too well. Yes, I still call her a friend because we have the bond of the Holy Spirit.

Anyways, please join with me in praying for a miraculous change of events. I know some might think that a C-section is nothing grave and why should we pray for something medicine can fix. That’s just it, we tend to rely on medicine more than on God’s healing power. Somewhere in the advancement of technology, we began to think that medicine could do more to help humanity than God. Society began to think that medicine expedites and performs systems better than the way God designed us to do them. Now, I am grateful for these advances because it helps women who need assistance and it helps save lives. Yet we need to stop treating birth as a disease. We need to stop using medicine as preventive maintenance and revert to its original purpose—emergencies. C-sections are so common in today’s society we don’t realize that it is a major surgery! It can also present complications. It can lead to abdominal bleeding if performed incorrectly, a collapsed uterus, and scar tissue which could complicate future pregnancies.

Women were designed to give birth. Women have delivered 15 pound babies vaginally. Doctors will tell women that 15 pound babies are too big. Sometimes they are. Most of the time the hips adjust to accommodate this baby. Also, the ultrasounds used to predict birth weight are not always accurate; they can be about 2-3 pounds off.

Ultrasounds are also used to predict due dates. While ultrasounds have helped diagnose issues like my friend has, it has also been too heavily relied upon. Ultrasounds can be off on a due date by about 2 weeks. Which brings me to another issue—induction.

The medicine used in inductions, pitocin, messes with the body’s natural birth process. This is from

Are there problems associated with the use of Pitocin?

Yes. Oxytocin, your body’s natural hormone, is secreted in bursts. However, when you are given pitocin you are placed on a regulated intravenous pump, to regulate the amount of pitocin to a steady flow. Therefore, pitocin induced contractions are different from your body’s natural contractions, in strength and effect.
With pitocin, the induced force of the contraction may decrease uterine blood flow (This is also done during a natural contraction, but not for as long of a period and not as close together.). Therefore, reducing the oxygen to the baby.
With pitocin you will also receive continuous electronic fetal monitoring. This is because fetal distress is more common with pitocin use and needs to be detected if it occurs.
We have also witness that pitocin can be the beginning domino in the domino effect. The IV, the infusion pump, and the continuous monitoring will confine most mothers to bed, decreasing her ability to deal with the contractions naturally. With the more painful contractions a mother is more likely to need pain medication, such as an epidural anesthesia.
Pitocin can present other hazards. For the mother these include: tumultuous labor and tetanic contractions, which may cause premature separation of the placenta, rupture of the uterus, laceration of the cervix or postbirth hemorrhage. Fetal hazards include: fetal asphyxia and neonatal hypoxia from too frequent and prolonged uterine contractions, physical injury and prematurity if the due date is not accurate.

As you can see medicine can be abused if used commonly rather than as its intended purpose in emergencies. My friend’s case is an emergency. She’s had natural births though and describes the experience as pleasurable and heartfelt. Most women I know who have undergone C-sections, epidurals, or pitocin have longer recoveries, stronger contractions with more pain, and the baby under goes duress. While it is perfectly understandable that my friend would be utilizing a C-section out of necessity rather than by selection, we need to pray that God intervenes and that if it is his will, that the C-section be avoided. I know that is her desire. So pray for miracles because they still happen in our day. (Side note: I do not think the natural process of conceiving and delivering a child, under normal circumstances, is a miracle, but that is a whole other thread that I should probably avoid discussing electronically.)

I’m grateful I’ve learned so much about natural birth from her, my best friend, and internet searches. I feel the urgency to pray for this friend’s predicament because I have learned the truth about C-sections that doctor’s don’t tell us about; I’ve learned the truth about the drugs most women aren’t educated about from their providers. Like I’ve said before, I know that in her case it would be understandable for her to have this surgery as she does have a medical condition that might require C-section intervention, but I’d like to pray she doesn’t have to endure this. Please join with me in doing so. Also, please research natural childbirth and the dangers of the drugs and surgeries we are so flippantly using today. Get aware so you can educate others too. Maybe we’ll begin to see a shift in how hospitals and medicines are used if you do become another voice advocating for natural means for most cases. It’ll be a miracle to see the placenta unblock her cervix this late in her pregnancy. While I’m reluctant to say it, maybe it’ll be a miracle to see change in how we do medicine. Pray for those miracles…


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