Only in a Dream

I had a dream.

Somebody was sending me to the moon for six months. I couldn’t believe this news. Excitedly, I grabbed a phone, dialed my mom and Frank’s number, and told them. Their responses were not what I expected. Neither of them were remorseful about my upcoming trip. I wouldn’t be able to speak with or write to them for 6 months. Why were they this callous? Didn’t they want to communicate with me? Didn’t they care I’d be absent for 6 months? What if the shuttle didn’t return? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Also, who in the world was sending me? I didn’t really know.

Then I awoke.

My Freudian instincts wanted to analyze what all this meant. However, I tend to think myself far more complex than a basic sexual being as Freud typically categorized people. Also, dream interpretation has always been a bit hazy for me. I tend to think it is just my brain processing the days issues. I didn’t read anything about the moon yesterday though. I know people have said that God speaks to them in dreams. I don’t doubt he can, but I don’t believe I’ve personally experienced this. Also, if this was from him, what would he be trying to say with a trip to the moon? Is this code for Frank being deployed? The two of us moving? Our trip to Australia and New Zealand and the excitement we’ll have? I’m not sure at all.

Perhaps it is simply my mind taking an adventure because a trip to the moon would be enjoyable, because I feel I don’t have adventure in reality. However, my life would be an adventure if I chose it to be so. If I decided to count my blessings and discover how great and complex God is, even in the mundane, I’d see that every day is an adventure to be had.

Yet maybe I’m just over analyzing this like I said in the beginning. It could just simply be a dream, the firing of synapses in an active mind.


One Reply to “Only in a Dream”

  1. I’ve always had vivid dreams and I love to think that God’s trying to communicate with me like that. I had a friend who I worked with at summer camp during college who thought dreams were spiritual and meaningful. It was cool to tell her about my dreams because she would tell me what she thought God was trying to tell me based on the symbols. I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed about the moon!

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