The Forgotten Children

Reports of raided orphanages have been sprawling across headlines lately. Apparently Russian soldiers threatened to invade Ukrainian orphanages if the directors of these facilities did not willingly hand over hundreds of orphans. The directors’ fear the children are merely being used as bait in a deadly war between Russia and Ukraine. It is believed that these children will be used as shields for combating soldiers.

For further information:

After reading such articles, I’m plagued with frustration. Why are international adoption rates so high? Why is there so much red tape trying to adopt these beautiful children? Why should they be stuck in this war when there are thousands of individuals internationally who would want to care for these kids? I know we need to look out for their safety and that is why there are so many regulations when adopting, but are they not in jeopardy while on the forefronts of these battles? Frank and I would love to adopt, regardless of whether we have our own children or not. There are millions of kids needing homes, we’d love to help out the few we can. I’m sure if we were allowed to adopt a Ukrainian child, Frank would agree to adopting one of those children. I know I would.

How do we even begin to address the insane adoption costs and legal affairs? There are so many individuals who want children. It seems absurd to me that it should be so difficult to care for the least of these.


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