Level Up

A banner sprawled along the window wished blessings for the upcoming nuptials of a friend.  

The couple is quirky, nerdy.  The shower was Super Mario themed.  A talented future sister of the bride had crafted the flower centerpieces.  We filled them with fireballs, a rare treat for the seniors in the crowd.  People popped the balls into their gaping mouths with great enthusiasm.  Then tears from spicy flavor sprung inside their ducts.  Faces were wet from joy and the sweet.  

There stood the future bride with a toothy grin.  She peeled back the wrapping on all her future home decor.  Here is an excited woman racing towards that aisle.  

It had been a week since seeing my companion.  I raced towards him and we embraced in gleeful reunion.  

Life is an adventure.  You’ll have your ups and downs, but it is easier to wage through battles with a buddy to lean on.  She’s excited to get married and I’m excited to be married.  Moving to this stage was the best decision for us.  Leveling Up helped me to conquer harder levels for I have a lover’s support and that is a great win.  I pray the same for her transition.  


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