Bound in Sex

Last night I went to the midweek service at church. We discussed Prov.23:12-35. As part of the study, Pastor Jim discussed sexual perversion. I appreciated his lengthy, passion filled dialogue that we should be ashamed if the only perversion the church thinks of is homosexuality. Now he did express his views on marriage, but he did so with compassion and all the while emphasizing the flippant air Americans have with sex (a Christian couple cohabiting, adultery, abuse/manipulation—basically lust). He spoke about the fact that a majority of those sitting in the seats last night had probably engaged in acts of sexual perversion (lust). (He’s also said whenever he’s passionate and expressive it’s usually because he’s speaking to himself too.) We are all sinners. Most of us have probably experienced or engaged in sex that was not God-honoring. Again, lust.

This morning my heart broke as I thought of tragic sexual perversions. One of the most grievous assaults on God-honoring sex has been sex trafficking. Women (and a few men) have been exploited for the sexual desires of others, usually to pay off “debts” typically incurred for illegal immigration into the US. (Although this happens internationally, not just in the US and American citizens can be victims too. I’m still learning the gory details too.)

This is not a post about illegal immigration though. Like Pastor Jim also said last night (while discussing another verse), we can make the Bible say what we want when we misinterpret it. He said the Bible has been used for both sides of this immigration argument—obeying authority or accepting the illegal for we ourselves are aliens in this world. I agree. Like I said, however, this is not a post about illegal immigration or the sad state that we enter when we contort the Bible to support poles of either political affiliation. The only thing to say about this is that even if these women (and some men) are illegals, brought here usually under false pretense by deceitful business owners, sex trafficking is wrong and no individual, regardless of visa status, should ever be exploited like this.

We who profess Christ as Lord need to defend those unable to escape. Yes, I do say unable to escape. Their families or themselves are threatened with abuse or death. In such a circumstance, you bend to the whim of the captor, praying for deliverance, be it death (by God’s help, not at the hands of their possessor) or release from this horror. We need to help deliver (I mean release, not death here) these individuals. It starts with awareness of these issues. American news is saturated with the romantic lives of celebrities as these beaten individuals cry out, hoping God will have their cry penetrate at least one listening ear. Well, I’ve been deaf for far too long. I’m inclining my ear to hear. I will do my best to raise awareness and assist these individuals.

I can’t believe I want to bring a child into a world with such suffering though. I pray my children will have a heart for social justice and will be a voice for the muted. If anything, my miscarriage has sparked an interest in my soul to be a voice raising awareness. That child has spurred my feet to action. Please join me in researching these issues, in aiding awareness, and helping the causes that are fighting to cease these exploits. Also, if you know a lot about this topic, please educate me and show me how I can help these captive women (and a few men).

A good site to start is at Donate, Volunteer in Polaris’ offices (or other anti-trafficking organizations), Pray, and most importantly speak boldly against trafficking until it is eradicated.


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