26 Candles

Happy Birthday to my sister.

A frosted glass teeters on the table’s edge
while a cigarette’s smoke permeates the air.
A frosted cake melts in the California sun.
She serenades herself and blows out the flames.
The candle’s extinguished burn drips wax onto the sugary delight,
sealing the past year’s mistakes while paving a slippery finish to a new year’s awakening.
Our parent’s give a plane ride as a gift.
A ticket for your birthday will bring you home to Jersey,
where I am sitting, blowing up balloons.
I’m preparing a grand old feast for this prodigal’s return
as she’s gained another year and is one step closer to wisdom’s door.
What else can I do to celebrate her return?
A party can’t express this glee with justice.
So I’ll write a tribute to this womb friend,
whose blood is akin to mine.
May these words impart a knowledge of the joy I have because of her.
We might not always get along, but we’ve always shared the travelings of life.
I’m happy to say that those adventures will now be while we are nearer to each other. Perhaps now we’ll make our spirits kindred and inseparable.

I love you sis and I’m excited for your return to NJ. I hope we’ll be able to hang out more. Happy Birthday!!!!


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