The inbox is littered with debris. Occasionally though, there is a sliver of treasure. Such was the case yesterday. I happened upon an encouraging e-mail that was automatically sent. Although too “fluffy” for Frank, I cherish her style. Ann Voskamp wrote out answers to the questions I’ve been rattled with since my gristly debate with a Netzari Jew.

The Holy Spirit joins believers in a mystical way. God used that strong, devoted woman to speak his words. Whenever I get rocky in trusting his timing, God sends affirmation that he is nearby and working if I’d only just let him move in his power.

I was beginning to wonder if I followed God incorrectly. Why don’t we follow Torah? We say Christ fulfilled the Law and he didn’t abolish it. I’ve been told we don’t have to because Christ’s covenant replaced the one on Mount Sinai. Why then do we Christians say there are some rules you have to follow and not others? It seems selective. Why not follow the Laws that we can to be obedient to God? I know it won’t make God love us more or less. We can’t earn God’s favor through it. Why don’t we though? Frank and I are slightly convicted over this. We can’t be because of another person though. We have to seek God’s will, not another individual’s. So Ann Voskamp’s post was like the still small voice of the Holy Spirit telling me to press into God and not do so in the only manner another man dictated.

When you read it, you’ll understand. Here is the link to her post that was e-mailed to me yesterday: http://www.aholyexperience.com/ (read the Why You Really Need to be Done with Living Safe (I won’t criticize the fact that it should be safely…ok maybe I just did, but I adore her and enjoy reading her words so it’s alright): Being a Dangerous Disciple of the Unsafe God from July 14, 2014)

If you want to see what Netzari Judaism is start with the link I was given from that man: http://www.netzarijudaism.com/what-is-netzari-judaism.html

What do you think? What does the grace of God mean? Why don’t we obey Torah for the rules we can follow? If the Law is fulfilled and we don’t have to obey it because of grace why are there still some things we Christians emphasize as needing to be followed? The Ten Commandments are part of the that Law. Thoughts? Frank and I are praying, reading, and trying to make sense of the wonderful, complex God we find in Scripture.


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