Take a bath.

Let yourself be washed clean with the renewing of your mind through the memorization of his transforming words. Take pause and let your selfish bubbles burst. Scrub the dead skin off and become a new creation. Sit back and breathe. Anoint yourself with the balm of the Word. In doing so, let yourself become a sweet, pleasing aroma. Rest in him and you’ll find peace.

Shabbat Shalom.

I didn’t write yesterday because I’ve been busy with life. I’m tempted to rebuke myself because I haven’t been writing every day. Then I remind myself that my performance never increases God’s favor, despite how many others might tell me otherwise. This weekend had a more important focus and that’s okay.

Saturday I poured over his word and the reflection of my sin stared me in my face. I’d buried so much hostility and selfishness beneath my plastered smiles. God is chipping away the rough edges to make his potted vessel have a smooth spout for his refreshing waters. I may not like it, but I know that in the end, I’ll be a better container for pouring out his love.

Sunday I spent the day with God’s people, reflections of other projects still in process. A child’s giggle brought this heart good cheer. I was reminded to not be so stoic and remember the silly excitement in the refining process.

So don’t just adorn the outside. Do not polish the outside without scrubbing, grinding, and rinsing the inside. We are his vessels. It is when we, Christ’s vessels, enter Scripture’s bath that we will find our rest and be holy inside and out…


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