In Dependence

Hello folks. My camping trip was great even in spite of the ticks. Frank and I argued and fleshed out things we have suppressed since the miscarriage but I’ll give more on the trip later. Since we went away for July 4th, here is the post Frank partially helped me to write (he came up with the title). Thank you sweetheart. I appreciate your assistance. Your advice was my muse. As such, here are some ramblings on a national holiday:

The blast of shattering bone birthed a nation free from British control. Soldiers, of ancient days past, shed velvet fertilizer on this new, independent land. Smoke rose from the fields as the musket’s fire began to cease. Here was a land of the “free” man.

In truth, we released ourselves from European control just to become slaves to other vices. There is a beast far more powerful than any government power and he’s been trying to usurp control for ages. He uses entitlement to fuel war and violence. In the end, we are left with the stains of pride, greed, and a superiority complex.

I’ve heard it said that war is a necessary evil. We fight a spiritual battle and as long as we wage against principalities I guess it must be. However, I’ll pray for world peace; knowing that unless there is communication for peace and a strive to put others above yourself, that just isn’t going to happen. Even King David had to run from Saul.

It is when we stray from God and communicating with him that we attempt to devise our own plans. Yet we unintentionally (and sometimes intentionally) give into selfish ambition when we center ourselves in the minefield of our own thoughts rather than Scripture. When we think we can go it alone, we wind up trapped to the bondage of our pleasures. It is not wrong to enjoy things in moderation. We are a people of excess though and we always shackle ourselves to prisons of abundance. We have to have more—oil, property, or “rights”. May we start to seek more of him and less of what we think we “need”. We need him.

It’s time we open our eyes, come out of slumber (choosing politics and parties over pursing him and his kingdom), and slip out of hiding from our hermit holes. It’s time for community, it’s time for fellowship, it’s time to become dependent. It is in becoming dependent in Him and on Him (God, Christ, Holy Spirit—the three in one; Triune deity) that we are set free, not in the lack of the British regime.


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