Backwoods Southern Lawyer

Primitive. Remote.

A nylon stretched shelter to call home this weekend. Trees and trails as a backyard scape. This is a retreat to leave reminders behind and seek his mercy away from the noise. We’ll be covered in wood’s ashes, mourning yet covered with a pleasing aroma so sorrow can even be a sweet fragrance to The Lord. He makes beauty from ashes and that’s what camping for this hickey couple is, an opportunity to flee from distractions and seek the beauty of God. Decaying trees fertilize the soil.

A shrunken uterus and decayed hemorrhage fertilizes the witness to his mercy in spite of grief and sorrow. I’m coming back to the heart of worship. I’ll learn that all things, even that which pains me to speak of, are used for his good and glory. I’m escaping to burning bushes that I might meet with him and regain perspective.

Mobile technology will be tossed for two days that I might tune out the noise and hear what he is speaking. This trip is me processing a grief that has numbed me. I hope to make sense of what I haven’t been able to express and see his promises even when they don’t align with my interpretation of vows.

Be fruitful and multiply…perhaps for me it’s not in the fruit of my loins but an emboldened voice for the gospel. I’ll multiply the hearers by speaking of his faithfulness even when his presence and path don’t follow my expectations.

I’ll be MIA for two days because I need to convene with our God without the distraction of electronic devices. Thank you for understanding. May you also seek holiness and turn down the noise to hear the still small voice that comforts us if we are willing to listen.

I’m giving the victory to our intercessor. I will not wallow in pity, but seek and find that The Lord his good and his mercy endures forever. I pray the same for you in all your struggles and grief.


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