It kills goals, dreams, and devotions. 

I’m so sorry about not posting yesterday.  I know that you might be thankful for the reprieve.  Your inbox wasn’t flooded with a message you might feel obligated to read because we are friends, or even better my supportive husband who has to listen to me ramble in person too.  Thank you for your faithful readership even though I can be verbose. 

Why do I continuously apologize for who I am?  One of these days, with God slapping me upside the head, I’ll break this approval addiction.  My addiction just happens to go unnoticed by most of society, especially the church.  It’s still a sin, but an “acceptable” one.  If we are so busy focusing on the blatant, sexual sins we don’t have to notice our “lesser” sins.  God doesn’t stratify sin, but we humans sure do. 

The church seems so preoccupied and busy trying to eradicate homosexual marriage and abortion laws in society that it seems that other sins like gossip, hatred, bitterness, idleness, obsession with work, and worship of family go by the wayside. 

Render unto Caesar’s what is Caesar’s and what is God’s to God.  I’ve prayed about this frequently.  We have to meet the unbelieving world where it is.  We can’t force ideals onto them.  If they don’t see the compassion, honesty, and mercy of God reflected in his vessels, what motivation is there to transform a life and render it submissive to his authority?  For our fellow brethren, we need to understand that God is working out the process in all his children.  Sanctification is a lifelong path, not typically an overnight awakening.  We need to greet others with a holy kiss, a sweet embrace of Christ’s grace.  We need to sit long enough to hear another person’s story and understand rather than be understood. 

As such, I challenge all of us.  Let us stop the busyness that blinds us to our faults, the prattling that obsesses with our brother or sister’s wrongdoings, and bow before the throne to learn the pruning in our own life needing to take place first so we can adequately speak the truth in loving grace rather than crass judgement. 


2 Replies to “Preoccupied”

  1. I wrote Heaven’s Kitchen on the 29th, but perhaps when I hit the submit button it was midnight and thus recorded as the 30th. So in fact I didn’t post yesterday.

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