Heaven’s kitchen

Bubbling soup was ladled into several thermoses and then strapped into a van. A bucket of nourishment strapped securely in so that it could buckle a glimpse of mercy to waning waists. Boiling soup served with a slice of bread that they might encounter a taste of the bread of life.

Last night, as darkness blanketed the city-scape, we did our best to serve a hearty meal, hoping to bring warmth to bellowing bellies and light to heavy lids. Some exchanged a blessing and others, too blistered by suffering, spewed hatred pus towards an evening prayer. In all of it, we held out trembling hands, cradling bowls of sustenance, steaming with Christ’s compassion.

We thought we were relieving their momentary troubles, doing these things that others may live. However, it was them who breathed relief into us. When we are other centered, we see God’s recipe brewing, trust his derived concoction, and stay out of the kitchen, wandering to the living room that all might sit as Mary did, awestruck by Christ’s creative creation.

So soak your heart in the broth of love. Serve as Christ has served you. Know though that we do not want to earn accolades or recognition from works, but serve from gratitude for the mercy and grace he’s sprinkled on us. In doing so, we’ll see him stirring in our life pot. Stop watching and do. Serve as he has served us and we might stop fighting our plight. If we do, we might begin to understand his stew and savor every bite.


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