A three for one

He said no to a desire of our hearts for the moment.

However, other prayers that Frank and I have been engaging for years have a glimmer of fruition. Those possible prayer answers would be incredibly sweet. We can see him lifting the veil already. He’s revealing himself.

Today was a good day of remembering his faithfulness. There are three prayer requests, unrelated to pregnancy, currently being answered. It helps to remind me that God is a God of hope. Prayer does work, for greater purposes than my happiness.

I praise God for the ability to a sliver of these treasured utterances delivered.

We serve an eternal God who hears our cries. He is faithful and working things for his glory in his timing. I thank Him for letting me see these answered terms, or these works in progress though.

I wanted to pass from earth immediately and be with Christ after the miscarriage. That would have been easier than carrying this burden and sorrow. Being with Christ is better than earthly passage, but seeing the sprouts of deliverance in others we’ve prayed so long for helps set our hearts ablaze.

So may I, like Paul, live life with a proper death theology and be submitted always to Christ. He is faithful. I thank him for the opportunity to see these other prayers answered. I know he has been with us through it all and he’ll continue to do so.

Though my heart grieves, it rejoices. A Christian has the promise of Christ and the assurance of heaven. God is always faithful for his glory. Thank you Jesus for reminding me of that when my foot was slipping.

It’s about perseverance. I’m grateful he is answering these other requests. He didn’t have to, but he’s answering three when I was growing feeble. His timing is perfect.

His presence never left me and won’t because Christ died and rose for me, for us. He died one for all that we could have fellowship with the Godhead three in one- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He is working in these three requests mentioned. His timing for answers to these other petitions could not have been answered at a more opportune time to renew a steadfast spirit. Today is a Sabbath holy unto God and I will rest in him as I’m reminded of his presence.

Praise be to God.


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