Fly on Wings like Eagles

It’s all about perspective.  I like what pastor said the other day.  Problems and pains are possibilities if you reorient your focus.  Don’t zoom in on the trial or tribulation, rather think of how he’ll use this in a testimony.  This does not mean we can’t grieve or be emotionally raw.  Life sometimes sucks.  Yet we know that God will deliver us.  He’ll either free us from the struggle and use it for kingdom growth or he will welcome us home.  

Teddy Graham didn’t have to endure the heartache of separation.  We do, in more ways than one.  Yet Christ is our cornerstone.  If he is our foundation, we can sit on the roof and gaze at life from a lofty height.  If the house is built on faulty lines the roof crumbles or caves in and you are left in the pit of despair, seeing the gravity of your woe.  Christ lets me hurt and vent my frustrations, he’s able to empathize.  So though I am numb now, I will keep pressing into his word and communicate with him in prayer.  I’ll train my heart and tongue to align with what I know to be true.  Christ will reignite these ashes and from them beauty will arise.  

In Memory of Teddy Graham, Frank and I constructed a kite and had our first date of Summer 2014, our first one-on-one date in a while actually.  We need a retreat to regroup, but since our summer is so busy it doesn’t look like we’ll really be able to have a weekend getaway.  It was nice to get a date day with hubby at leastImageImageImage

(Professor and Skipper are our fish.  (If you were wondering why it said that on the kite.)  We treasure them dearly and right now they are our children.  Our mother’s are allergic to cats and we can’t have dogs in the apartment so fish make great pets, and children for the time being.) Frank calls me teddy bear and I call him turtle and that’s why those images are on the kite as well.

Also, we didn’t have much wind so actually flying the kite was a bit of a flop, but it was fun nonetheless.  

We’ll continue to run the race he’s marked out for us, even if it means losing a child.  His promises make us soar on wings like eagles.  His word is a lamp unto our feet and with him we walk, remaining steady even though this grief sometimes makes us want to faint.

Another completely different note:  Did anyone notice that yesterday’s post used language akin to someone who had cystic fibrosis? I don’t have it, but am a carrier.  Frank said he didn’t realize that.  I just wanted to see if anyone else grasped that.  If not, maybe I didn’t use proper terminology, but that was my aim.  


3 Replies to “Fly on Wings like Eagles”

  1. I’m glad you were able to have some couple time and that you made a memorial kite. You will continue to be in my prayers.

  2. Kelly, I had no idea what you were/are going through until I started reading through your blog today, and I just want to say I’m holding you in my prayers. Wish I could be there to give you a hug in person. ~Abbie

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