A Cap and Billowing Gown

There was a groggy woman hunched over from exhaustion. The pain reliever was still coursing through her veins. Her abdomen burped from the surgery’s inflation. Her eyes drooped with exhaustion as she experienced firsthand the medicine of this procedure. However, for most it is routine. It is just another test for those with wrinkled brow or speckled hair. She joined that assembly not too long ago. Now she’ll take that test every three years or so. I witnessed how even this strong, opinionated woman is falling captive to age’s troll.

Later in the day…

The picture frame held her, delicately posed with that golden cord around her neck. A 3D foreground captured her bent over a flickering flame atop a royal iced delicacy. That sheet bid her goodwill as she became a legal age and prepped for the transition to the university. There she was, that intelligent, budding relation of my beloved. Who, too, is strolling with the familiar friend of aging.

These rites of passage for youth and elderly were so contrasting and thought provoking.

There I stood observing. I reminisced about college years gone past. I thought about how the recent retreat back to my first job and our recent loss made me feel like I was going backwards when everyone else was stepping forward with the ticking hand. Then again, perhaps it’s not back sliding to my adolescence, but rather a need to trust God in the here and now that I might mature wiser into that elderly woman of righteousness. Maybe it is a reassessment with familiar folk to finally realize what he is calling me from and into.

It’s the trust fall that I need to make. Today gave me a brief encounter on what that might entail. I have to enter the story, embrace his calling, and refuse to warm the bench seat any longer.


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