This caffeine must be working on overdrive. Here’s a second post for today.

Good or Bad.  Superstition.  Today is Friday the 13th.  There are polar views on whether today is lucky or unlucky.

If you see a black cat, under a ladder, surrounded by shards of glass it’d probably be labeled awful luck.  I’d just call that unlikely or staged.  When have you ever seen a sight like that?  Never, at least I’ve never witnessed this unless posed for a picture of some popular horror film.

Rainbows, or better yet, double rainbows, shamrocks, and charms are attributed with good luck.  If I was consuming processed sugar goods at the moment, I’d say that was just my breakfast.  Oh Snap, Crackle, Pop–did I say that?  Yup.

I don’t believe in luck.  Wishing on a star didn’t give me a baby.  Even prayer didn’t.  God responded in his way.  He might respond in the affirmative in his time and if he doesn’t, I have to choose to serve in whatever he has called me too.  I can’t think that a cookie will change my fortune.

All that to say, I do believe in spirits.  There are forces of light and forces of darkness.  Knocking on wood won’t affect that.  I will just wind up with splinters.  Superstition doesn’t affect outcome.

Choices are the cause that lead to an effect.  How you ask for and act out wisdom determines your path.  We can choose the fear of superstition or the assured peace of Christ.  If not, our focus turns from the saving, miraculous power of forgiveness through the Cross onto our circumstances and lot.  It is then that he who prowls, looking to devour souls, will ensnare us with anxiety or pride; somehow believing that forces, destiny, fate, or objects can impact our life more than faith.  Submit to Christ’s authority and see that he reigns in and over you.  It is in asking for wisdom you’ll learn how to live, not in the idol of luck.

I’m blessed and grateful, not lucky.  So for me, today is just another day to show his mercy and grace to a world in desperate need of knowing a Savior.


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