Not the abdomen. 

Why does it seem like pregnancy photos streamline their way to the top of my Facebook newsfeed?  Alas, I digress from the intent of this post.

I’m grateful for friends that pray for me and want to lay hands on me.  Mucus was coming out of every orifice though (or maybe that’s how I perceive it because I know I get sick easily).  I have a puny immune system.  You’d think my height would help the white blood cell count be more concentrated.  I wish.  Since I have a poor immune system, sometimes feeling like it’s as compromised as an AIDS patient (I might be exaggerating), I might have contracted whatever virus they so graciously shared. 

Swollen glands.  Time to increase my echinacea, nap time, and fluids.  (Oh and what good Christian girl would I be if I didn’t state the necessity of prayer?)

When it rains, it pours.  Time to bunker down and let him steer the ship.  I just have to get on my knees, stop this whining, and trust his miraculous, healing power. 


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